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When it comes to travelling, Mexico has some great places to explore & visit. Leon is one such city. Situated in the Guanajuato State, it is the largest city here. Popularly known as the ‘Shoe Capital of the World’, the city is famous for different variety of shoes & leather goods which are relatively economical than other cities. The city also serves host to the International Shoe Fair. The strong leather industry of the city allows one to buy various products made out of leather apart from shoes at relatively lower price here like belts, boots, jackets & other accessories. There are various attractions & places to visit here which should not be missed by any traveller. Plaza Fundadores, Cathedral of Leon, Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazon, Arco Triunfal, Plaza de gallos, Feria de Leon, La Tertulia Jardin de las Esculturas are few amongst these.

Poliforum Leon (Convention Centre)

Poliforum Leon is a convention centre located within the city of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Spread over 67 hectares of area, it is nearly 40 decades old. With flexible spaces, the convention centre severs as a perfect host to different types of events including business, social, cultural & entertainment. Apart from these various fairs & exhibitions too are organised within its premises.

Bajio Aquarium (Acuario del Bajio)

Bajio Aquarium is situated within Altacia Shopping Centre, Leon. It aims at conserving & preserving the marine life. Thus, serves home to more than 10,000 specimens from nearly 300 different species. These include sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, sea stars, brine shrimps & more. This is not all, visitors can also see coral reefs here. To showcase aquatic species, the aquarium holds number of exhibitions from time to time.

Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazon (Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Also known as ‘The Expiatory’, the Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazon is situated in Leon, Mexico. It is constructed in Neo-gothic architectural style. The stained-glass windows, red & green granite floor, the bronze facade doors are just few of the examples of amazing architecture & are bound to amuse any visitor. Prayers, confessions & other religious services are also performed here.

Zona Piel

Leon is famously known as the ‘Shoe capital of the world’, with no shortage of shoes & leather goods to buy. Located in the heart of Leon, Zona Piel is the place to buy leather goods & shoes while in the city. It is one of the largest shopping centre of Mexico & has countless items to choose from.

Leon Stadium

Built in the year 1967, Leon Stadium is situated within the city of Leon. Home of the Club Leon, the stadium has severed host to several football matches from time to time. These include 1970 FIFA World Cup, 1983 FIFA World Youth Championship & 1986 FIFA World Cup. Apart from these matches Leon Stadium also played host for football matches held during 1968 Summer Olympics.

Plaza Fundadores

Plaza Fundadores is holds a special place in the history of Leon. Situated here is the Fountain of the Lions – a very famous attraction. It is a great piece of art with four lions, each symbolizing a century of establishment crowned by a shell. Plaza Fundadores is a great place for people to sit around, roam, gaze at the architecture, sculptures & the history hidden in the walls of the plaza.

Martyrs’ Square

Martyrs’ Square was once known as the Constitution Square. It was renamed after an unfortunate event take took place on 2 January 1946. Many citizens lost their lives while protesting the election results. Flipping the coin, Martyrs’ Square is now a peaceful garden, where one can sit on iron benches under the shade of elegantly pruned trees. Surrounded by stores & restaurants, visitors can grab the opportunity to see some live performances.

Museum of Art & History of Guanajuato

Another famous attraction which one should add to their itinerary is Guanajuato is Museum of Art & History of Guanajuato. The museum is situated in the city of Leon. Here one can learn about the cultural, history & heritage of the State of Guanajuato. There is a sculpture exhibiting Roman martyr & patron of the city of Leon, San Sebastian. Art lovers will be delighted to see the works by Mexican artists & exhibitions displaying life during different historic periods. Several temporary & permanent exhibitions are also organised here from time-to-time.

Explora Eco Park

Located in Leon, Guanajuato, Explora Eco Park is an ecological park is a great place for everyone from joggers to families, to skateboarders to bicycle riders. Equipped with Explora Science Centre, zipline, IMAX 3D; it is just not a park with green lands. It has one of the biggest IMAX in Mexico with a seating capacity of almost 2100 people. The park also has artificial lake where one can see fish, turtle & ducks.


Leon the ‘Shoe Capital of the World’, has countless shops & stores. Thus allowing every visitor to indulge in shopping for not only shoes but other leather products that too at relatively economical prices.  Some of the leather goods one can buy here are like belts, purses, wallets, boots, jackets & other accessories. Apart from these, there are several malls which are quite famous for indulging in shopping. Max Shopping Mall, Altacia Shopping Mall & Plaza Mayor are few of these.

Leon Museum (Museo de Leon)

Leon Museum is a place which should not be missed by anyone with keen interest in the art & history. Situated at Plaza Santo Domingo, the museum throws light on the history of the art starting from the Paleolithic period to the present day. The collection of the museum allows visitors to get a cultural insight from various civilizations. Some of the well-known exhibits here are from the Middle Ages & the Classical roman period.

Leon Cathedral

Leon Cathedral is a Catholic church located within the historical centre of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Consecrated in the year 1866, it soon became the headquarters of Metropolitan Archdiocese of Leon. The church’s exterior has been designed in Spanish Baroque and Tripartite Portico architectural style. The use of ornamental stones in its exterior is quite appealing. While the door is made up of the Cast Iron. The interior of the Leon Cathedral has eight vaults and a central dome over the main nave. While taking a walk inside it, one can see the beautiful blend of Baroque and Neoclassical Architectural style on walls. Thus, the Leon Cathedral turns out to be a great place where one can not only see and appreciate its beauty but also can learn about the different architectural styles.